EU does not ban toilet paper. An April Fool’s joke turned into anti-European propaganda



A joke posted on 1 April by news agency Mediafax that the European Union will ban toilet paper from 2025 has been picked up and distributed by dozens of Romanian websites as true information.

And, in a short time, it turned into a new subject of anti-EU propaganda and amplification of the fear about the „decisions of Brussels bureaucrats”.

„The EU wants to ban conventional toilets and toilet paper to reduce carbon emissions. Japanese toilets can flush with hot water and air dry the intimate area.

After banning petrol-powered cars and limiting animal meat production until 2040, the European Union has announced a controversial new measure to comply with the Paris climate change agreement: banning conventional toilets and toilet paper in all member states„, reports Mediafax.

Gluma făcută de Mediafax pe 1 aprilie, despre hartia igienica.
Gluma făcută de Mediafax pe 1 aprilie, despre hartia igienica.

To make it clear that it’s still a joke, the agency highlighted the date „1 April” in the headline.

Despite this, and many other easily verifiable indications that this is false information, several websites have picked up and distributed the article as such and claiming it to be a genuine EU decision.

When, in fact, the whole thing is fake.

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False statement attributed to Ursula von der Leyen

Mediafax reports that European Commission President Ursula von der Layen has reportedly told a press conference that traditional toilets and toilet paper are a thing of the past and that people will now have to use Japanese toilet bowls.

„This is a bold and necessary measure to protect our planet and the health of our citizens. Traditional toilets and toilet paper are relics of the past that have no place in a green and digital Europe. We will support the transition to Japanese toilets, which are much more efficient, hygienic and comfortable” is the statement that Mediafax claim the EC president made.

In reality, Ursula von der Leyen has never made this statement, neither in press conferences nor even on social media.

Site-uri care au preluat gluma Mediafax
Site-uri care au preluat gluma Mediafax

What Elon Musk’s toilet paper problem really is

The news agency farce continues with an equally false statement by Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, a long-time client of the Romanian conspiracists, who portrays him as a leader of the world government. He reportedly welcomed the decision. But, obviously, Klaus Schwab made no such claim, not least because no decision has been taken to ban the use of toilet paper.

To make the aberration even more obvious, the news also mentions a statement by Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and Twitter, who in turn is said to have been ironic about the European Union: ”The EU wants to ban traditional toilets and toilet paper? I hope they don’t ban my rockets. Or maybe I should make them run on recycled water from Japanese toilets„, the richest man on the planet reportedly tweeted.

Obviously, it’s all fake. Elon Musk has never posted about toilet paper in the European Union.

The only link between the American tycoon and a toilet paper scandal is the one related to complaints from Twitter employees at a New York office who said they had no toilet paper and the bathrooms were smelly.

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The real EU rules on toilets

Also, if there’s any truth to what the EU does about toilets, it’s all to do with water consumption.

Statistics show that the public water supply system accounts for around a fifth of water consumption in Europe, over a quarter of which is used for toilet use alone. Hydropower plants also alter the natural structure and flow of rivers and lakes, with consequences for ecosystems.

Europe must scale back its efforts to use water more efficiently to avoid undermining its economy, says a report from the European Environment Agency (EEA), published since 2012.

Inefficient water use has significant consequences for the resources needed by ecosystems and people, which are key to European productivity and security.

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